Hot Rod Things


Certain pictures of traditional style hot rods take my memory back to the mid 50's in Tulare or Redondo Beach California where I grew up. The two cities had little in common, other than a great variety of true American hot rods. Just a photo or drawing can bring back memories of looking out over a roadster's dash on a warm star-lit night. I can still remember the sweet scent of fresh cut alfalfa fields and the the lope of a Duntov cam rumbling down a country road, and stomping that spoon pedal to the floor just to hear the three two's open up for business. Vivid memories like these are why I am building another roadster and why I'm driven to collect and create all sorts of traditional style HOT ROD ART.


In the 1950's some film companies used hot rodders, often times portrayed as hoodlums, as principal characters. They were usually surrounded by babes, sometimes beaches and always the local law enforcement. Monsters, spirits and talking dogs all got their chance at stardom alongside traditional coupes and roadsters. Most of us didn't seem to care what was going on in the film as long as they kept those bitchin roadsters on the screen. Many of the cars featured in these old films, nearly a half century ago, are still around today, and some have recently been restored to their original "star car" condition.


It is with great pleasure that we at HOT ROD THINGS now offer these nostalgic images on the web, beginning with our special feature collection of HOT ROD MOVIE POSTERS and LOBBY CARDS many of which are now also available printed on T-shirts. We invite you to visit us often as we continue to expand our selection of HOT ROD ART.



I owned several nice hot rods as a kid, mostly between the years 1960 to 1965 Some of my favorites included a full fendered 32 Ford 3 window coupe, a 34 Ford 5 window coupe and a Buick nailhead powered 34 Ford sedan. The 34’s were both dark green and used as daily drivers. I also had some “newer” models like a black lacquered 55 Nomad with a mildly built 301, a 56 Ford Customline and a brand new earth shaking 63 Ford 427 cubic inch 425 horsepower factory hot rod.